Secure VAPID key generator

Note: New keys are generated on every request/refresh/reload

Please replace "<>" with your own email address

  "subject": "mailto:<>",
  "publicKey": "BFxCxTN6OsIJpWbgoA38nY7kryEO7mUN4ef5Z9owUfAeba3PVQFJEsPv-VLyS3GdjGJuBABazhe_k-APL-zdrZ4",
  "privateKey": "mb1XTeLQRccaQrW_P_EThqz-zD-hv2s7t4xtLTuCYSM"
Click here to download the vapid.json

Parent Project: ReactPWA

This tool helps you create public & private keys for Voluntary Application Server Identification - VAPID

This tool was created for supporting the project PawJS & ReactPWA to help implement Web Push notification.